A Single Hurt Color by Andrew Demcak

Andrew Demcak's new book, A Single Hurt Color, reminds me of the broken snow globe at the beginning of "Citizen Kane." Demcak renders a view of the world through the filter of a shard with a piercing command of language, and an ear keenly tuned to the music of each word. -J.P. Dancing Bear, editor, The American Poetry Journal

A Single Hurt Color takes us on winding, asymmetrical paths of loss, love, and grace.  Demcak knows when language must be talky and when it must be tight, and, as a result, these poems unfold in an expansive "pageant of tongues."  He revels in sound, in rhythm, in all that makes the world simultaneously wobbly and secure. -Tony Trigilio

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A Single Hurt Color
By Andrew Demcak