Catching Tigers In Red Weather by Andrew Demcak

Andrew Demcak in his new book, Catching Tigers in Red Weather, is unafraid of the harrowing, revelatory nature of modern life. These poems evoke the moments when people come together in violent and romantic ways, and train a keen eye on the aftermaths of our partings. Like any significant poetry, it will alter its readers' perspectives forever. -Kaya Oakes, author of Slanted & Enchanted

Andrew Demcak's poems make acrobatic leaps and turns, flashing their urban wit, their old-young wisdom, and their exhilarating language and feeling. Demcak's ingenious invention is a compact, elegant form, repeated throughout the book as world after surprising world, under intense pressure, flares within it. This is a book of gems. - Joan Larkin

From the Singing Nun to a brother's son, from glad hotels to a white palm tree or a half-smoked Marlboro, Demcak's marvelous couplets continually return us to 'the damp contact of skin, unfathomed.' - Dorianne Laux

What a deliciously queer & charming book Andrew Demcak has created! These poems come together as conversation, as pillowbook, as memoriam, as a considered response to the noise and cogs of daily living. Demcak shows us the richness and the possibilities that come about when we engage our lives with language & poetry. - Justin Chin

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