My book, Cryptopedia, will be published by Nomadic Press, coming in 2019. Below are some of their marvelous catalog.

About Cryptopedia: “Everyone knows the uncanny is queer, and sexy. By cutting into Wikipedia articles about creepy phenomena, Andrew Demcak’s Cryptopedia magically brings forth layers of sexuality, and mystery, camp, culture, and humor. An intriguing and inspiring poetry.” - Michelle Tea, author of Black Wave, How To Grow Up.

Andrew Demcak’s Cryptopedia is a collection that lives up to the mystery and intrigue promised by its title. Cryptopedia succeeds with that most fundamental and pleasing of poetic ideas: finding harmony between form and content. Demcak is a Renaissance man who works in unusual ways, cutting up blocks of text from a variety of sources and rearranging them, to create his poems. In Cryptopedia he mixes this method with the murky, monstrous, and mysterious to create something unsettling yet genuinely moving and thought-provoking. Demcak’s success comes from his pitch-perfect subject choices and his ability to turn a seemingly random selection of lines and quotes into a twisting narrative, a short, emotive gut-punch. It takes talent to write poetry, but Demcak has proved he is not only a great talent, but a true craftsman.” - Josh King @ NewFound Literary Journal