Ghost Songs
By Andrew Demcak
Ghost Songs by Andrew Demcak

Ghost Songs - Solid book. I really liked the well-defined characters, particularly the female ones. It's a really touching coming-of-age tale (but not a coming out story, which was very refreshing) of a young gay teen and his best friend (even his mother does a bit of maturing) with a few truly creepy scenes thrown in for good measure. I loved that this was a YA book that wasn't a teenage romance. Todd, the main male character and narrator, doesn't spend the whole book pining for some boy or struggling with his sexuality. Ghost Songs is more a story about strengthening relationships, both with friends and family. Nicely done. - John Amory, author, Protection

Review of Ghost Songs from GLITTER & DIRT:  I was totally into this one. Sweet late-bloomer flute-prodigy teenage Todd shares a ghost (Leroy) with his BFF Jennifer. In the midst of dealing with his alcoholic (librarian!) mom, realizing his sexuality, learning about a secret with his BFF, embarking on a major treasure hunt-ish challenge,  (and more!), Todd learns exactly what the ghost is up to…

The writing's very good, the story kept me going, and there was a good bit of humor and dramatic irony nestled into the gravity of everything else. It’s different from the usual YA, which is pretty neat. 

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