Night Chant
By Andrew Demcak
Night Chant by Andrew Demcak

The poems in Andrew Demcak's Night Chant are as conscious of the ghosts in the room as they are the living bodies. Through myth, they look for the secret life behind Eros with daring, candor, wildness, and wit. If you want simple consolation, go elsewhere. If you want to read poems that are dazzling and true, see here. - Paul Lisicky

Not a word is wasted in these short poems, which bloom and burst with colorful imagery. Heightened language and metaphors illuminate dark subjects - Matthew Shepard's death, junkies, partners lost in car crashes - while the vagaries of birth, sexuality and memory are brought into shocking focus by Andrew Demcak's alchemist pen. - Collin Kelley

Into a richly macabre cityscape, the poems in Andrew Demcak's fourth collection expose their secrets, from the desire of unbearable addictions to the shocking violence of hate crimes. They converge into the urgent whispered voices we hear following us in the dark. They become night chants. - Charles Jensen

Pansy Poetics Reviews Night Chant

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